Super-versatile indoor plants for sale in Geelong

Indoor plants Geelong

At asdaisydoes, we love all things indoor plants – we love their colour, their gorgeous, textured foliage and the way they can really bring out the character in just about any space. Our Rutland Street shed is filled top to bottom with some of the best-quality indoor plants for sale in Geelong, all carefully hand-picked by the famous Daisy herself!

Nothing breathes life into a space like flowers and plants. In fact, recent studies have shown that adding indoor plants to offices can not only reduce noise and lower stress levels, but the plants also help clean the air!

asdaisydoes has a huge selection of indoor plants for sale for Geelong homes and businesses. We like to call our shed a jungle, and we take great delight in packing it with the most stunning plants we can find. From tall and proud pampas grass to wistfully droopy string of pearls plants, majestic elephant ears an on-trend monsteria and devil’s ivy – we just can’t get enough of the natural, earthy warmth and personality these plants add to any space.

And of course, we love our flowers at asdaisydoes – and we’ll find the colourful little beauties that add the perfect touch of wildness to your interior. From Australian natives to vibrant exotic varieties, plus custom-made pots and planters, we help you create a unique feel.

No matter your style, theme or budget, our team is happy to help. We provide a mood board with our consultations, so you can come into our shed and choose the indoor plants that best suit your needs – and the team is always on-hand for advice and recommendations.

Whether you’re looking for a vertical garden for your home, or a sprawling plant draped across your café wall, we’ve got top-quality plants and expertise – and always with a smile!