Leather + Clay Workshop – Dec 2017

What do you get, when you combine Kim with Tina…. Kina? No, lets try this again!

What do you get with you combine a Biomechanist with an Artistic allrounder…. you get our Leather + Clay workshop!!!

In December, we held the ‘Leather and Clay’ workshop, run by the talented duo ‘Clay by Tina’ and Kym Lightfoot. Oh boy did you miss out! Participants were immediately put at ease by Tina and Kym’s kind and nurturing nature, there was absolutely NO pressure to try and be an artistic genius, just let your mental tension drift away as you let your hands do the work!

Participants began with an informative talk on types of clay and glaze, the very delicate firing stages and processes, colouring and glazing processes. Everyone immediately had a new found respect for the temperamental nature of pottery/ceramics production. At the conclusion of the talk, it was design time! Their were ‘Gorman’ inspired designs, Aztec and Geometric designs, and a whole lot of ‘keep it simple’ as participants designed their masterpieces.

Participants personalised their pots, each with unique designs. Then they were given a short demonstration on glazing by Tina, and then closely guided by her to glaze our own pots. This in particular is an experience that is very rare, however Tina has a small workroom our Asdaisydoes shed, so she was keen to get participants doing as much of the production process as possible.


Participants then were introduced to the leather hanger, learning about the types of leather, platting techniques and even a brief lesson on ‘Tanning’ your own hide. All the leather used on the day was tanned, by hand, personally by Kym herself, something that had all the participants watching in awe.

Participants platted and threaded one hanger for their personally designed pot, followed by fixing a second hanger to another pot that had been premade by Tina. All up, participants walked away with not 1, but 2 stunning hanging pots, something money cannot buy in this day and age.

An enormous thankyou must go to Tina and Kym, for their precious time, patience and guidance throughout the workshop. All the participants walked away with a new found knowledge and respect for the masterpieces that are created, but also the artists behind these stunning creations! Thankyou ladies!