You can’t forget to include the pooch!

We absolutely LOVE dogs at Asdaisydoes, so when a bride requests something special for the family canine, who is the 3rd most important ‘person’ at the wedding… it gets our creative attention!!!

Tanya’s beloved Labrador is quite the model canine, as you can see in the photos.. someone doesn’t hesitate to strike a pose for the photographer!!




Here is a little something from the beautiful bride:

“Hi Daisy,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you guys for my wedding flowers on Feb 3rd. They were so perfect! And the flower crown for my dog was amazing!!
Thanks again!
The colour palette for the special day, was ‘Texture, Pastel and Moody colours’, “Moody” has been quite popular this Wedding Season and we have been absolutely loving the mauves, dark pastel blues and borderline black selection of fresh and dried flowers, and even foliage.

And we do love a good arbour too, some people want ‘big, bigger, biggest’ whereas others want a more ‘minimalist’ approach, either way, we adore the striking feature of an arbour arrangement. And how about that Pampas grass!!!

Simply stunning!!