Love of Flowers – Anna + Nicks Wedding

Its no secret that we LOVE flowers!

I guess you might be thinking, yes of course you do because they are colourful and smell really amazing. We have even had people who have come in to the store saying ‘oh this must be a boring job’, leaving us a little speechless (which is an achievement in itself if you know us!) …. Well no actually, its not just their colour and smell that we solely enjoy….

If there is one thing we aren’t a huge fan of, its when someone says ‘I want exactly that arrangement’… At Asdaisydoes we are all about customised, personalised and PERSONALITY… ‘Copy and Paste’ is just not our thing!

On wedding prep days, Daisy will present a neatly printed out copy of the Mood Board she has developed in consultation with the Couple (yes the Grooms also like to have a say!)

Daisy, Mel and the girls will then get to work, the work room becomes alive, with conversation, excitement, laughter, singing, very BAD dancing (except Mel, Mel is a very VERY good dancer… Sorry Daisy… you are not!!!) and CREATIVE conversation, as though we are brewing some new found recipe.

Each unique stem is carefully hand picked and placed into the arrangement, one by one. As the arrangements are coming to life, each is placed into the van… by the time the van is loaded with life… the previously pristine Mood Board which is far from is former self, is loaded in. It is covered in dirt, eucalypt sap, numerous finger prints, folds and scrunches…. all these marks, are evidence of the creative passion that has gone in to each and every wedding arrangement.

One things for sure, Anna and Nicks Mood board was on its last legs… The images reflect this absolutely gorgeous couple, their fun loving personality and of course, the personalised fresh floral arrangements to match this killer couple!

Nailed it girls!

A little something from Anna and Nick:

Hi Daisy,

I have been meaning to send you some pics of the our wedding from October last year because your flowers were so killer.
You’re seriously the most amazing & talented flower whisperer, I loved them so much I pressed them and now they’re hanging on my wall! 
Anna & Nick  xxx