Workshops – For the love of cake

On the 28th of April we ran one of the most delicious workshops to date with our Cake Decoration Workshop.

Mel from 2 Birds Cake Designs brought along ‘the entire kitchen’ so to say for our participants, in honesty I wasn’t even sure what half the tools were for… the art of cake is far more complex than I was aware of!

(note: check out Mel’s Birkenstocks!)


During the workshop, participants gained a insider perspective and tips on the preparation and storage of the cakes and the various icing options. Including tricks to avoid some of the more common ‘cake fails’ that occur when one is trying to use a YouTube tutorial for example.


Once Mel had performed her step by step demonstration, it was hands on time for the participants which began with some somewhat questionable caressing and warming of the buttercream piping bags ;) !

As with all of our workshops, we attract a variety of skill and experience levels, however we always reach the same end point. The ladies began with icing their cakes, choosing a method of buttercream application based on personal preference and confidence. The beauty of workshops, is also that as you perform the task, common questions and issues arise that the presenter can address for you… they might even be technical or even environmentally influenced… all problem solved on the spot.

Once the icing was complete, it was back to the demonstration room for flower preparation!

An enormous thank to Mel for her time and congratulations to the participants on their successful cake decoration! We received some lovely feedback on the cake decorating workshop!

Mel will be running more Geelong workshops throughout this year if you missed out!

Otherwise you can purchase her cakes either from our website via Cake! Yer, the whole thing or if you want something a little different, contact her directly via Facebook or on her website.