Ash + Kristen – Jack Rabbit Winery, Bellarine Peninsula

More often than not, people think of Florists as people who just arrange flowers for a job…. but at Asdaisydoes, we feel like we are FAR more than just that!

Weddings are meant to one of the most amazing days of a couple life, and yes, they are. BUT. There is an entire process prior to ‘the big day’, that in this 21st Century Modern world, has become far more than a organising ‘just a relaxed wedding!’ The main culprit… Pinterest!

This is where you generally get 2 types of bride: The ‘alright this is what I want’ and the ‘I like these colours and your style, Surprise me!’

So (secretly) one of our favourite requests from couples are the …. ‘we’ll leave it up to you!’ We feel like not only do we become a small part of your special day, but you are entrusting US with the ‘creative license’ to style your big day!

When you make the decision to ‘leave it up to you/us’, that is when you create a creative storm in our shed, there is nothing more that Daisy, Mel and the floristry team love more than to create a personalised and unique arrangement for your day.

Did you know, during your bridal consultation, Daisy is paying attention not just to what you are telling her, but she is also observing YOU. Are you bright and bubbly? Assertive and organised? Relaxed and carefree? A little bit cheeky and daring?

We always try and put ‘a little bit of you’ in your arrangements and that’s why you won’t find us replicating arrangements! Because in the end, it is YOUR special day and our arrangements are all about YOU!


Kristen and Ash gave us creative license and this is what we did for them!

We love our beautiful clients:

Hi Daisy, Mel & team,

Sorry its taken Ash and I so long to send a thank you email – we only recently received our wedding pics and wanted to include some in our thank you because the flowers were AMAZING!!! 

Ash and I were so  happy with all the flowers on the day – not to mention the guests.  We had so many guests commenting on the flowers and how unique they were.  Even the following day people were still commenting on how beautiful all the flowers were and some said that they were the best flowers they have seen at a wedding! 

You guys really did a fantastic job and exceeded our expectations. Your team made Ash and I feel at ease as we are certainly no ‘floral experts’ and we were glad we left it all up to your team, as the results were certainly worth it.  We will certainly recommend your services to anyone getting married or looking for a florist in that area. 

Thanks again guys and keep up the fab work!


Kirsten & Ash