Workshops – A play of platters

This was @Claireandclay’s second sold out Geelong Workshop for 2018 – “a play of platters”

One unique thing about Claire, is she is forever seeking out new styles and techniques to offer her participants, as compared to some ceramicists who only focus on the one style. Therefore ‘a play of platters’ was born, combining platter techniques with creating texture and pattern using a variety of mediums available.

As you can see below, one of our Asdaisydoes favourites, Mary, with her chosen tool, an old fashioned lace doily.  


I actually found it quite surprising how beautiful the imprints were from the lace doily’s, which are often a neglected item in this modern day. Some participants chose one large fabric or foliage object, whereas others chose to use multiple smaller items…. the beauty of this technique, if the ladies were not happy with their pattern, they simply rolled over it to start again… trial and error was in play as they experimented.











The participants made up to 4 small and/or large platters during the workshop, experimenting with either 1 or various patterns.


Upon completion, the platter are left to try and Claire takes the platters home to fire… ready for collection in a couple of weeks from Asdaisydoes.



Claire will be running more Geelong workshops in 2018, but I forewarn you… be quick as they sell out fast. Her 2 Flower Vessel themed workshops in August are sold out, she will be running 2 more workshops in 2018!!

Go over to @claireandclay‘s Instagram page to see more inspiration!