Getting yourself a Quickie…. Quickie Wedding Bouquet?

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The HOW TO GUIDE for the Quickie Wedding!

The Quickie Wedding has intrigued many brides this season. Why? Because it seems ‘all too easy!’

So, we have taken the time out to explain more about the ‘Quickie Wedding’ concept and how it all came about.

The evolution

We kept meeting with chilled out brides who kept saying that they wished they could just ‘jump on line and buy wedding flowers’ like any other product in this day and age!

After 6 months of toying with the idea, as with most things Asdaisydoes, we decided to ‘go for it!’


Are you a ‘quickie style of bride?’

A quickie bride tends to possess the following attributes:

  • Super chilled out
  • Just has a colour scheme, or might not!
  • Finds Pinterest too over the top!
  • Wants to give us creative license to create something that will blow her mind!


What else?

The Quickie Wedding has its limitations… why? “because then it wouldn’t really be a ‘quickie’ option!”

  • Brides can order their ‘Quickie Option’ up to 1 week prior to their wedding date.
  • Brides can order items sporadically!
    • note: (in the ‘requests’ section include: “Add to {name} order for quickie wedding on {date}”
  • For any Bridesmaid Bouquet purchase, a Bridal Bouquet must ALSO be purchased.
  • Take you time when ordering as QUICKIE WEDDING ORDERS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE

Not sure if you are a Quickie bride? Give the store a call, but if you feel like you are wanting ‘a bit more’ email our events coordinator at [email protected] and she can steer you in the right direction!