Behind the Door – Asdaisydoes feature in Polkadot Bride

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We were lucky enough to chat with the Wedding Go To Guide team at Polkadot Bride in August!
These have long been an absolute bible for Brides to be, catering for all things ‘wedding’ and taking the ‘daunting’ part of out the whole wedding day organisation. Whether you are getting married in Geelong, the Surf Coast or a bride to be looking for wedding contacts along the Great Ocean Road, these guys have done all the thorough ground work!
Read this oh too kind interview in their ‘behind the door‘ feature below:

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This week on ‘Behind the Door’, I’m meeting a florist who went big when it came to her workspace. So big in fact, she has a giant warehouse of blooms, plants and gifts to explore. Meet As Daisy Does. Owner Daisy tells me she started her passion for plants early on. “Growing up, Gran was always out and about in the garden. I used to follow her around and grill her on plant names and flower varieties,” says Daisy, “And then, as fate would have it, I was living at home and mum lined me up with a couple of weeks of work at a florist and bam, I was hooked!”

Image via As Daisy Does

Daisy went on to find herself wanting to work with species that other florists wouldn’t look twice at, and really wanting to really push the norm with arrangements. “As with most ideas in my family, it took a dinner conversation, some wine, support from my parents and a little bit of courage…and As Daisy Does was born.”

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Chock full of goodies, the As Daisy Does warehouse is home to a massive selection of plants, ceramics, cards and pots and is the perfect space to pick up a posy or gift for someone special. The warehouse is located in the creative suburb of Newtown, in Victoria’s city of Geelong. “Rutland Street is lined with creative businesses, galleries, photography studios and cafes,” says Daisy. “Our little precinct is much like a family, always looking to support each other.” The space is vast with lots of greenery, natural wood, bright blooms and dried flowers. It’s the ideal place to gain some inspiration and see how the team can create magic for a wedding or special event.

Image via As Daisy Does

“We cater for events of any size, we have options for couples wanting flowers for a private elopement, all the way through to large scale installations: indoor, outdoor, installations in gardens, marquees, tipis and rural settings,” says Daisy. “And we love something that pushes ‘the norm’ so to say!”

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I love Daisy and the team’s work creating unique, unexpected and totally wild bouquets and that creative spark extends to arrangements and installations too. “We always say to customers that rather than trying to copy someone else’s theme or style, give us a colour scheme and let us loose and we can create something that everyone else will be wanting,” says Daisy.

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Of course, such a busy business has meant that Daisy has had to assemble a team of people to keep As Daisy Does going. “I feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of staff, they support me with every…well nearly every, crazy idea I come up with,” says Daisy. “Prior to having As Daisy Does, I always found my mind wandering with ideas, business plans, different concepts, but I felt frustrated that I couldn’t just run wild with these ideas”. It’s clear that Daisy loves every day spent on her business and it shows in her and her team’s amazing work!


Ms Zebra Says: I love seeing florists get playful with unique species, colours and pairings. What an incredible space that As Daisy Does has become. I will definitely pop in next time I’m in the area.

About Amelia Waddell of Moonstruck Bride: I’m a proud bridal store owner with a love of exploring creative spaces. Whether it’s an office, event space, workshop or retail store I love seeing how other wedding businesses create their own special magic. When I’m not fitting brides I love immersing myself in everything wedding, in the name of “research” of course.