Crowd Favourite – The Fiddle Leaf Fig


Crowd Favourite – The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Native to West Africa – Cameroon

With its lush, veiny, wide and glossy green leaves, it is no surprise the Fiddle Leaf Fig is the go-to when bringing the outdoors in. It reminds me of the 70’s, design blogs and sadly, my first “you-cant-just-fill-any-corner-of-the-house-with-a-plant-and-it-will-live” realisation. Am I alone here? I feel I need to apologise to my poor fig that he had to cop the brunt of my learnings as a new plant mum.

So let’s take a look at the facts about one of our best selling indoor plants and how we can keep him looking shiny and happy. 


Choosing their perfect posse at home: This Fiddle needs bright, filtered light – it will start to get sad very quickly if the lighting is too dim.  Also be aware of full direct sunlight through a window to avoid their big, beautiful leaves being scorched. It is best to pop it somewhere at home that it won’t be constantly brushed passed and knocked either. 

Hydration: A casual drinker – your Fig only likes a drink weekly, if that. Check the potting mixture first and only give your fig a drink if it has dried out since it’s last water. It is really important that you don’t overwater your Fig, or leave their roots sitting in water. Every now and then, wipe down the leaves (…I call them lungs so I get the guilts when I forget) with a moist cloth or pop your fig in the shower and give them a really good rinse. He’ll thank you profusely for it!

Re-potting:  Fiddle Leaf Figs naturally want to dream big and grow to your ceiling. If you want to help them do so, re-pot them into a larger pot annually. If you rather a steady grow, re-pot them every second year to keep them in their best health. Every time they upsize to a new home, just make sure you are using a premium potting mix and the new pot has drainage holes – Root rot is NOT fun for your fig and they will be awfully mad at you for some time.

HELP! A common sight on your fiddle are dark brown, bruise like spots. These are natural and no cause for alarm – however your fig is asking you to relax slightly on the binge drinking and remember to check its soil and water weekly or when dry. It may also ask you to re-asses it’s current living arrangement by rudely dropping it’s leaves.

Hot Tip: If you grind your own coffee or eat bananas, both of these can actually help your fiddle grow. Sprinkle coffee grounds on top of the soil, or bury banana peels slightly within the pot and watch your fig sprout some new little baby greens. I really do think mine smiles at me sometimes after doing this!

If you have been thinking of adding to the family or you have any other questions on the health and wellbeing of your Fiddle Leaf Fig – please don’t hesitate to give the store a call on 0431 458 486 and the friendly team in store will be there to help!