The Perfect Housemate – Devils Ivy

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The Perfect Housemate – Devils Ivy

aka – Golden Pothos Plant, Ceylon Creeper, Hunters Robe, Silver Vine, Epipremnum Aureum

Native to South-Eastern Asia

If you have been thinking of adding some Devils Ivy to your home – however you were worried you may not be able to keep it alive; fear no more. This plant can live IN THE DARK. I mean, I don’t know why you would want to keep in the dark because of it’s lush green, climby, hangy nature and good looks – but if you were that way inclined – or perhaps you are a bat, your ivy would happily thrive in your dimly lit cave.

Choosing their perfect posse at home: Anywhere! Devils Ivy is another no fuss plant child, who will be happy anywhere. He prefers bright, unfiltered light, however if the space is shady or low light – your ivy will continue to grow. They are most content sitting high on top of cupboards, the edge of shelves, or in a hanging pot so they can overflow and add some subtle greenery above the eyeline.

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Hydration: Whatever Goes – Happy for a tipple a few times during the week, but won’t be mad if it isn’t invited and has a couple of weeks off either. Your Devils Ivy still loves you if your forget to water – however will love you more if you let the soil dry out between drinks. It is easiest to check this by pressing the soil with your knuckle – if it still feels a little moist, just give it a few more days before watering.

Propagating: Your Devils Ivy will grow like the clappers in perfect conditions – so you may want to consider propagating it if it starts to get a little out of hand and share the love with some friends or continue to turn your house from home to jungle.

  • Cut a stem from your Ivy, just below a node (this is the stems version of a joint, duh) with a couple of leaves on it, on an angle. Cutting on the angle helps to encourage rooting once it is placed in water.
  • Sit in a glass jar in some water and watch it start to produce roots over the next couple of weeks
  • Simply move cutting to soil and plant when you desire. Consider making banners and pom poms to cheer on your cuttings, or repeating the chant ‘Grow, Grow, Grow!’. Are you a real plant parent or not?


HELP! You may have gathered that there isn’t a lot you can do to upset your Devils Ivy plant, however with most greens – overwatering leading to root rot is a deal breaker, even for this easy going housemate. Brown and yellowing leaves is a sign of this, so if these are sighted on your Devils Ivy – apologise profusely, snip them off and lay off the h2o until the soil has dried out completely.

Hot Tip: When propagating, consider growing your cuttings in a nice Gin or Whisky bottle you might have lying around. This adds a little bit of character around the house, and also keeps your actual drinking glasses free, so you don’t have do deny your guests a drink when visiting.

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