Preserved Flowers – how can dead shit be so popular?

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When I think of dried flowers I think of the 90’s, lifeless brown arrangements and sad droopy roses  who have just broken up with their boyfriends. Us and all our fellow petal pushers could not be happier that this is a thing of the past and that dried (or preserved, if you wanna sound a little more fancy) flozzals are back and SO much better than they ever were before.

Preserving flowers actually started about 4,000 years ago with brightly coloured dried flower arrangements being found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Since then, they have continued to use them in cosmetics and artwork while the western world started to press flowers and experiment with ways to keep their blooms forever, forever-ever, forever-ever. The method has gone through the motions since then – taking us to present day where they are becoming almost as popular as fresh flowers at events, weddings, businesses and the home.

So – why are they different to the brown dried/sharp/sad arrangements of a couple of decades ago? There are new methods of drying the blooms which allows them to preserve their colour, or be a more vibrant version of how they started in the first place. Heck yes to being able to buy an arrangement of flowers that suits a space in your home – and not need to replace them (until you’re after a new lewk) because they live FOREVER! They don’t even need water! Hot damn, you’re welcome.

Let’s take a look at preserved flowers doing their thang:

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Dead, straight from the market!
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Dried bridal bouquets can be purchased under ‘The Quickie’ section of our website.
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A $120 – $160 arrangement about to make somebodies day!
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Preserved add some unexpected texture to a bunch of fresh blooms
Forever perfect in the home

We love getting our mitts on weird and wonderful preserved options from the market and we even dry our own in store – they add quirk and texture to a fresh bunch, a refreshing alternative to wedding blooms and are the perfect gift that just keeps giving. If you want to know more or order a bunch – give the girls a call at the store on 0431 458 486 and make sure you are following us on instagram @asdaisydoes to be the first to know what is available!