About Daisy and her indoor plant & flower business based in Newtown, Geelong


Daisy grew up with and learnt from the best… her grandma!

A qualified vet nurse, Daisy found herself constantly drawn back to the garden, whether it be picking flowers or working in the veggie garden.

From here Daisy started working with florists (for free at times) in order to pick up skills and expand her knowledge. This included participating in as many workshops and lessons as she could find around both Melbourne and Geelong.

However, in order to get creative control and start to really push the limits , Daisy needed her own space… Hello Rutland Street! This was a decision she did not dwell on and within one month of deciding to start her own indoor plants business, she had signed a lease.

From wedding flowers to fiddle leaf figs and indoor plants, our jungle of a shed has some serious character and Daisy is beyond thankful to her family and team for turning it into what it has become. We are super excited to be getting bigger and better by the day!