Geelong indoor plant hire & sale

We love indoor plants and flowers at asdaisydoes – and it shows! Our shed in Geelong is packed full to the brim with gorgeous green rubber plants and fiddle leaf indoor plants, plus colourful explosions of blooms. Everything is lovingly hand-picked by Daisy, so you know you’re getting the best-quality seasonal flowers.

One of our favourite things about our beautiful buds is their ability to brighten up anything – from a bouquet of flowers putting a smile on someone’s face, to indoor plant fit-outs adding a touch of natural elegance at businesses and cafés.

We love picking up little gems at the local flower markets and bringing them back to work our signature asdaisydoes styling magic! Best described as slightly whacky, our flower arrangements combine bursts of colour and texture with a carefree, foraged feel.

Working with customers is the favourite part of our jobs – adapting our untamed style to suit their specific needs. From bridal flowers to venue and event styling, or even just finding the perfect gift for a special event, we get excited just thinking about all the wonderful things we can do!

Indoor plant design

Greens are a great addition to any business space – from cafés to reception counters and offices. The asdaisydoes team will meet with you, take a look at your space and create a mood board so you can choose the indoor plants that will really make your space pop. We’re loving fiddle leaf plants, rubber plants, cacti, elephant ears and string of pearls plants.

With an in-house carpenter at our fingertips, we can also custom-design and install unique shelving and pots. Our indoor plant hire service includes regular replacement deliveries, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

Wedding flowers

Our wedding florists are crazy-clever, whipping up bridal bouquets, button-hole flowers, flower crowns, arbours and hanging installations – with all flowers carefully chosen to suit the bride’s unique tastes, as well as the wedding venue and colour scheme.

Venue & event styling

Our big, beautiful, crazy blooms are sure to create a talking point at your next event. Whether you need table decorations, wall decorations, hanging installations or free-standing arrangements – no project is too big or too small for the asdaisydoes team. If you have an upcoming birthday, engagement or corporate social event, contact us to book in for a venue styling consultation.

Gift shop & workshops

As creative people, we love sharing our finds and working with other like-minded creatives. Our Geelong gift shop is filled with floor-to-ceiling flowers and indoor plants for sale, as well as a treasure trove of bespoke, unique gifts made by local geniuses.

If you like what you see and think ‘I’d like to do that’, come along to one of our floristry workshops. Learn from our in-house ceramicist and other neighbours, get to know some new friends and take home your own little piece of artistry.