Geelong indoor plant design & fit-outs

We love working with our customers in creating a unique indoor plantscapes for their home, event or office in Geelong. Our team is happy to get their hands dirty – literally – and we love being involved throughout the whole project, from creating a vibrant indoor plant design through to potting and plant fit-outs.

At asdaisydoes, we’re lucky to have a qualified carpenter and handyman to help make indoor plant fit-outs a breeze, as well as give our clients the opportunity to have unique shelving, pots and planters custom-built and installed.

We will meet with you to get an idea of the space and from here will mock up a mood-board and quote, giving you the option of selecting the right indoor plants for your space. Once the plants are selected we will match them with the pots you have selected, pot them up and have them delivered and installed. We even have the option of ongoing care so you don’t have to worry about watering and maintenance!

Our indoor plant designs work on every level, adding a lovely touch of natural elegance and a colourful splash of fun – and your plants will easily thrive in their new home! Daisy and her team of passionate florists strike the perfect balance, choosing on-trend indoor plants that need very little maintenance to look amazing.

Indoor plant hire & sale in Geelong

Bring a gorgeous, striking and natural appeal to any space with our indoor plant hire and venue styling service. Whether decorating the aisle for a wedding or adding life to a reception area, we have a huge selection of popular and seasonal indoor plants, as well as timeless classics, including rubber plants, cacti, elephant ears, monsteria and fiddle leaf plants.

Our eagle-eyed florist can match the perfect flowers and indoor plants to match any colour scheme or event theme. Drop by our Geelong florists shed to see our range of indoor plants up close and personal, or contact us to book your flower delivery.

Café and business plant fit-outs

The asdaisydoes team enjoys sharing our love of indoor plants with cafés and other businesses around Geelong. No matter the size, theme, style or budget, our business plant fit-outs breathe life into reception counters, medical centres, offices, display homes and commercial spaces.

From the gorgeous, earthy deep greens of monsteria to eye-catching elephant ears and on-trend rubber plants and fiddle leaf plants, we help business owners add a touch of nature, warmth and personality to any space.

Interior plantscapes are super-popular in office spaces – helping reduce stress, noise and even cleaning the air. We can also custom-design a vertical garden to create a cosy, private café alfresco area, or create a talking point for customers with a gorgeous, sprawling plant draped across the walls.

Getting out and seeing our clients is one of the best parts of our job, so we’re happy to provide regular indoor plant replacement deliveries, including plant and vase hire.

No project is too big or too small for our team. Our wedding florists love bringing together aisle plants and pots and creating hanging installations and arbour decorations, and we’ll happily find the perfect indoor plants for corporate functions, social events and business spaces.