Actinodium cunninghamii, Swamp Daisy

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The extraordinary flowers of this plant are its most striking feature. Whilst the common name portrays it as a daisy, this plant in fact belongs to the gum tree family, Myrtaceae. It is a low growing shrub that has proven to be difficult to cultivate. It is best grown in a pot in the garden as its wispy habit can get crowded out in a rampant garden bed. It is sometimes grafted onto a tougher rootstock to try and improve its growing performance. Prune it straight after flowering and use a freely draining soil mix.


Scientific Name:Actinodium cunninghamii

Common Name:Swamp Daisy

Plant Type:Small shrub

Height:0.5 ~ 1 metre Width:0.3 ~ 0.5 metres

Flower Colour:White, Red

Flowering Time:Spring

Ph Level:Acid, Neutral, Alkaline

Soil Type:Sandy, Potting mixPlant Environment:Courtyard, Container growing, Cottage garden, Flower garden, Cold climateClimate Zone:Warm temperate, Cool temperate, Mediterranean, Semi-aridLight:SunnyGro