Arrangements for tables and Venue

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Small 360° arrangement is a small fresh flower arrangement, a good example of where this could be used is the centre of round guest tables. Small enough to see over and not get in the way during service.

Large 360° arrangement is a larger version of the above, also great in the centre of round tables however due to it’s size it would not suit a buffet style service. More of a feature and wow factor when walking into the room. Would also be suitable on a signing table, bar corner or coffee table.

Small 180° arrangement is perfect in the bathroom, on the bar, at the base of an arbour…Options are endless. Just be aware that this arrangement is designed to face one way only so is not suitable if being looked at from in front and behind.

Large 180° arrangement is a beautiful feature arrangement for wine barrels at the start of your aisle, the base of your arbour, the bar at your venue…Or anywhere you want a forwards facing feature arrangement.

Long low table arrangements are great for trestle style seating, along the front of the bridal table or along the base of the seating chart. Not too high so guests can see over them and built in a way that doesn’t require a vessel so they are flush against the surface.

Some images in this gallery were custom additions, if you are after a large feature arrangement or something more than what is listed please get in touch!


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