Yokote Kogatana

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Yokote Kogatana is a petit sword to be by your side on all your crafting projects and outdoor adventures. It’s sharp, single-edged blade is useful for cutting, slicing and carving. Perfect tool to have handy at home for crafts or gardening, or when you’re out camping, fishing, hunting, foraging and more.
Yokote Kogatana has a sturdy and comfortable magnolia wood handle and case, for your safety and blade’s protection.
This light and delicate, carbon steel sword is a special gift to yourself or a creative loved one.
Handcrafted in Ono, Hyogo, Japan. This region is one of last of Japan where craftsman are still making knives with traditional knife making skills and practices. Each craftsman works collaboratively to ensure the tradition is kept alive and passed onto the next generation. We are proud to support this community.