A creative explosion w Claireandclay

Past Workshop: A creative explosion w Claireandclay

A creative explosion with Claireandclay is Claire’s last Workshop for the 2018 workshop calendar… as with all Claire’s workshops… get in quick!!!

Workshop details:

Saturday 3rd November 9am – 11:30am


Sunday 4th November 9am – 11:30am

Cost: $150pp

Class: 10 participants


Hand-building with porcelain. 

Come and enjoy a morning of making your own little ceramic treasures that you can give as Christmas gifts (or totally keep for yourself!) using delicate smooth white porcelain.  

Relax, leave any perfectionist tendencies at home, and you will have a wonderful time of making and creating! Spend some time planning what you’d like to make or be inspired by some pieces on display that will kickstart your creativity.

Think on a small scale: Christmas tree ornaments, little jewel dishes, bud vases, bell chimes, beads, mini cactus planters, garlands, little pourers and sugar bowls, mini coffee cups, pendants, earring bits, salt and pepper pinch pots, buttons, tealight holders, ring cones etc. 

Press some texture into your porcelain, stick on some porcelain shapes, carve some little details, or decorate your pieces with some colourful underglaze, painting on patterns or filling impressions with colour. 

Bring along your own stamps, alphabet stamps, cookie cutters, lace or other textured things to add your own personal touches.  

Claire will take your treasures home for firing and glazing in a clear glossy finish, and they will be ready to pick up from As Daisy Does in 3-4 weeks time! Bring your own box or bag to take your things home. (note: teeny tiny things like buttons and beads will not be glazed – too fiddly, but they will still be lovely!)


If you would like any additional information contact us at [email protected] OR BOOK NOW!!