“Daisy does Christmas Wreaths”

Past Workshop: “Daisy does Christmas Wreaths”

We are excited to announce our Christmas wreath making workshop with none other than Daisy herself!

Christmas is generally not the most relaxing time of year for most of us (unless you are like our Asdaisydoes Floristing legend Mel who probably finished her present shopping in July!) Decorations in and around Geelong generally consist of forever malting tinsel, brightly coloured flashing fit inducing lights and disposable… well everything!

Why not take some time out from the ‘silly season’ to RELAX, get creative and work with some natural flora to create a stunning floral wreath for your Red, Green and White décor? And/or perhaps you know of someone who deserves some remedial festive ‘time out?’

Now we are all guilty of a bit of DIY during the silly season, so this prompted a little ‘Googling’, here are just a handful of my favourite DIY Christmas wreath products:

I don’t think I need to say anymore on this topic!

So if you or someone you know is in need of some relaxation, inspiration or just plan old help in the area of Christmas wreath making, book in now as places will be limited due to their size!!

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