Kokedama Workshop with Emi Whyte

Past Workshop: Kokedama Workshop with Emi Whyte

Kokedama is the Japanese art of plant wrapping.

Kokedama are likened to bonsai; small, trained gardens for the home but with one major difference. Set in a freestanding ball of green, moss-covered soil rather than planted in a pot, kokedama are individual ornamental plants that, when hung up, appear as small and verdant floating planets. These plants are a unique design/artwork feature in any home!

“Kokedama are a beautiful way to bring greenery into your home and are ideal for apartments or flats with minimal space.”

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty as part of the creative process, then this is the Geelong workshop for you!

We will have some of Emi’s work on display in our little oasis (aka shed) in the lead up to the workshop.

For more information please email [email protected] or contact us for more information.

Please note: Limited spaces available due to the nature of this workshop, so get in quick! Sorry!!